While the original state flag was adopted in 1909

While the original state flag was adopted in 1909, the official state flag was adopted on March 11, 1963. South Dakota has two state flags, an original and official flag. The original flag has the sun on the front and the state seal on the back. Unlike the original flag, the official flag has both the state seal and sun on the front. The state flag was recreated by the state legislature. He recreated it because they thought it was too hard to make a flag with designs on the front and on the back. On the official flag, there is the state seal in the center, sun rays surround the state seal, and “South Dakota, The Mount Rushmore State,” is written in yellow and can be read circled around the sun rays. A farmer plowing a field, a river, forests, mountains, a steam boat, and on a ribbon, the motto, “Under God The People Rule,” are all featured on the state seal. To some people, it is very interesting for a state to have two flags.