I think “Romeo and Juliet” is not a true tragedy

I think “Romeo and Juliet” is not a true tragedy, it also contains some comedy, because at first Romeo loves Juliet ,it is a romantic thing, that is not darkness and sad. Although at last they two are died. Maybe the tragedy comes when Mecutio was killed, but we cannot called it a true tragedy. It can be a tragicomdies. That is a suitable type of play it truely is. Essentially, it is is not. Romeo and Juliet is better described as a rom-com with no jokes worth mentioning. The ‘tragedy’ concerns that worst of dramatic constructions, the deus ex machina, in this case the utterly implausible existence of a potion which convincingly imitates death. There is no such potion. But early adolescents being what they are – impressionable, gullible and stupid – the potion’s effects are mistaken. And of course, if one’s pubescent lover seems to have died, what else would you do but stab yourself?