I am so magnificent

I am so magnificent, magnificent
everybody’s dead now
And I’m so happy
says Emma
I’ve been truthful to the residuum of the water
Discussion as I can against
See the light where the sky meets the sea
It’s poopy
And oh I know
How far it flows
La la la
Hey hey hey
We’re okay
So so so
yo yo yo
Call call call
The residents
Cyberbullying is a horrible thing to do, and being bullied is a horrible thing to go through.
Even if they are being bullied, young people may not always tell trusted adults and keep their feelings inside. This can lead to immense stress and may affect their schoolwork, habits and relationships with other people. Since cyberbullies often attack vulnerable people, they may have a lower sense of self-esteem and feel worthless as well, which can lead to mental disorders if they don’t seek help.