College can seem expensive

College can seem expensive , but it does have it’s benefit. Statistics shows that after a student becomes a graduate they earn more money than someone without a degree. College is worth the investment, because by having a degree you would be opening more job opportunities , getting a higher pay and a stable income.
To begin with, by having a degree it gives you the benefit for more job opportunities. When looking for a job the chances are that the individual that has a degree will be chosen over someone without one. That is because it will show how the individual was dedicated of still continuing college for 4 more years after graduating high school and the more education an individual has, the more chances they can get.
Secondly, by having a degree an individual can have a higher pay. Statistics show that a college graduate can earn about $1million, as that being said that is more than twice a highschool student earns. The income of an average individual can at least earn about $35,000 and that is not close enough to the earnings of a college graduate. The benefits of earning a high salary the individual can be able to pay off their college loans.
Finally, by having a degree it has the benefits of having a stable income in the future for the individual. Who would not want a stable future? Once an individual graduates from college, finds their stable job the individual can settle down. The benefits that an individual has is that they graduate with life skills.