There are many themes that are written in The art of Racing in the Rain which include money, love, family and manifestation.the subject I chose to find a theme statement for was manifestation and it is “that which you manifest is before you”,which means

2.Was the stuffed zebra gone for good?
This section answered the question was the zebra gone for good because the last time we heard about the zebra was when Annika was standing over Denny in chapter 25 and Enzo hasn’t talked about it since.

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4.One social issue that is being discussed in chapters 39-46 is rape. It was told that Denny raped a young girl which was Anikka in chapter 39.I know this because when maxwell was talking to Trish he said “He forced himself on a young girl! That’s rape!”

Why was Enzo trying to force himself to stay awake?
In chapter 40 how long does Mark Fein say Denny gets to have Zoe?
Who is Luigi Chinetti?